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Wisdom Rajab Month

The month of Rajab is the month to month 7 of Hijra (Arabic month). the course of the Prophet Muhammad and finally meet directly with Essence Creator (Allah), prayer and Receive commands and he also saw heaven and hell

The virtue of Rajab Month:

1. Ye shall glorify the month of Rajab, Allah will glorify you with a thousand Qiamat glory in the day.

2. Allah  month of Rajab month, the month of Ramadhan my moon, and my Ummah Ramadan month.

3. Rajab glory with the night of Isra ‘Mi’rajnya, with a night of Sha’ban and Ramadan with Laylat nisfunya-Qadarnya.

4. A day of fasting in the month of Rajab gets the highest heaven (paradise). Fasting two days doubled the reward.

5. Fasting three days in the month of Rajab, was made a long trench that menghalangnya to hell (long trips a year).

6. Seven days fasting in the month of Rajab, seven gates of Hell are closed thereof.

7. Fasting 16 days in the month of Rajab will be able to see the face of God in heaven, and be the first religious visit God in heaven.

8. Excess month of Rajab of every month is like the excess Al-Quran and over all the kalam (speech).

9. A day of fasting in the month of Rajab is like fasting for forty years and iberi drinking water from heaven.

10. Syahrullah Rajab Month (the month of Allah), forgiveness for the sins of those who ask forgiveness and repent to Him. Fasting in the month of Rajab, which was mandatory for his sins fasting itua.Diampunkan ago. Allah  kept her age a tinggal.Terlepas than thirst in the afterlife.

11. Fasting at the beginning of Rajab, pertengahannya and eventually, as the reward of fasting month.

12. Who give alms in the month of Rajab, like charity thousand dinars, written to him on every piece of his body goosebumps thousand virtues, was appointed a thousand derjat, erased a thousand crimes.

13. “And whosoever fasting on 27th Rajab / Isra Mi` raj will get a reward like 5 years old to fast. ”

14. “Those who fast for two days in the month of Rajab will get the glory on the side of Allah  Almighty.”

15. “Those who fasted for three days ie on the date one, two, and three Rajab, then Allah will give a reward like 900 years from the dangers of fasting and save the world, and the torment of the Hereafter.”

16. “Whoever fasted five days this month, his request will be granted.”

17. “Whoever fasted seven days in the month, then shut the seven doors of hell and whoever fasted eight days, then heaven will be opened to eight doors.”

18. “Whoever fasted the fifteenth day of the bulanini, then Allah will forgive his sins of the past and replace all these crimes with the good, and whoever that is added to (the days of fasting), then Allah will add a reward.”

19. Word of the Prophet again: “On the night of Ascension, I saw a river in which the water is sweeter than honey, water cooler from stones and more fragrant than the fragrance, then I asked the Angel Gabriel as:” O Gabriel to your destination this river? “So said Jibrilb peace:” O Muhammad this river is for people who read salawat for you this month of Rajab. ” In a history Tsauban recalled: “When we walk together through a grave of Rasulullah SAW, and the Prophet stopped and he cried very sad, then he prayed to the Almighty Allah.

Then I asked him: “O Messenger of Allah why are you crying?” Then he said: “O Tsauban, they were being tortured in his grave, and I pray to Allah, and Allah lighten the punishment upon them.” His Word again: “O Tsauban, speak of this if they want one day of fasting and praying one night in the month of Rajab, they would not be punished in the grave.”

Tsauban asked: “O Messenger of Allah, is it only one day of fasting and praying one night in the month of Rajab was able to evade the punishment of the grave?” He replied: “O Tsauban, for the sake of Allah Substances that have sent me as a prophet, not a Muslim man and woman that fasting for one day and doing all night prayer in the month of Rajab with the intention for Allah, but Allah listed him as fasting for one year and one year working on night prayer. ”

His Word again: “Verily, Rajab is the month of Allah, I and Ramadhan is the month of Ramadan is the month of my Ummah.” “All men will be in a state of hunger at the last day, unless the prophets, prophets family and the people who fasted in the month of Rajab, Sha’ban and Ramadan. So they are actually full, and will not feel hunger and thirst for them. “

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