Active Vs Passive Speakers

07 Mar

The information will help you decide what would be a good beginner DJ setup, both from the professional, mobile DJ standpoint, as well as from the financial standpoint.

Active DJ speakers advantages and disadvantages

Active speakers or also termed as powered speakers simply are speakers that have the amplifier built in. The advantages are that the setup is clearly simpler, there is fewer cables and fewer boxes to carry. More importantly, a DJ can pass into the speakers any imaginable input, not just the input from the mastered sources, and not be afraid of damaging or overburdening the speakers. This simplicity and robustness make powered speakers a good choice for a starter DJ setup.

The disadvantage of an active speakers DJ setup is that there is a single point of failure: if the amp goes, you need to replace or repair the whole speaker, you can’t just simply plug in another amplifier.

Passive DJ speakers advantages and disadvantages

Passive DJ speakers simply have no internal amp; They need a separate amplifier. The advantages of such setup are that there is no single point of failure and one can can mix and match passive speakers with suitable amplifiers at will.

The disadvantage of a passive DJ speaker setup, especially for a mobile DJ, is that there are more boxes to lug around, and there are more chances that wiring will go wrong.

DJ choosing between active vs. passive speakers

So knowing the pros and cons of the active and passive DJ speakers, which way should you go? These days, most new DJs opt for active speakers because of the simplicity of operation. Financially, the active DJ speakers are more costly, so that is another consideration: If you are concerned with the cost or have budget constraints, buying a passive system still makes sense.

When considering getting a set of used DJ speakers, the choice should be even more obvious: Provided you do your research and selections right, that is, that you do the audio tests and are buying quality, even used, then you will most likely come out much better off buying a passive speaker setup. The reason is simple: With more and more DJs today upgrading to active speakers, the supply of used passive DJ speakers for sale is higher than the supply of active used speakers.

The same consideration holds when looking into DJ subwoofers as well.

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