QSC DCA 2 Channel Series

04 Dec

DCA 2 Channel Series



DCA  2-Channel

Crystal-clear, breathtaking, seat-shaking cinema sound is here with our DCA Series Digital Cinema Amplifiers. Five 2-channel and two 4-channel models offer power points from 200 to 1700 watts per channel in a two rack, 21 pound amplifier. With QSC’s exclusive PowerLight® switching technology you’ll hear ultra-powerful bass and superior highs in every scene.

With technology, DCA amplifiers take your soundtracks to a whole new level. Not only does it give your music bigger bass and cleaner highs, PowerLight also cuts wasted heat and boosts reliability. PowerLight is a switching power supply that provides ample current to the audio power circuitry by charging the supply rails 230,000 times a second through an ultra-low impedance circuit, so unlike high-powered amps with conventional supplies, the audio signal is never starved prematurely, but remains crisp and clean. It virtually eliminates hum and greatly reduces noise, providing a vast dynamic range that can handle the most demanding digital soundtracks without running out of headroom. DCA Series amps also boast a set of useful features such as individually selectable clip limiters and subsonic filters; and stereo, parallel, and bridged mono operation.


  • Active Inrush Limiting – won’t blow circuit breakers at turn-on (a QSC cinema exclusive!)
  • Both speaker and monitor panel outputs (a QSC cinema exclusive!)
  • Exclusive PowerLight power supply for great bass (a QSC cinema exclusive!)
  • A hum-free noise floor and ultra low distortion
  • Optional crossover modules for bi-amp, tri-amp and subwoofer applications
  • Only 3.5 inches high, even the most powerful systems can be built with only one rack
  • DataPort interface for signal processing accessories and the DCM – Digital Cinema Monitor (a QSC cinema exclusive!)
  • Patented Output Averaging™ short circuit protection
  • 14″ deep – works with standard depth racks for lower cost and less floor space
  • Only 21 lbs for easier racking and shipping – no need to remove amps from pre-wired systems before shipping
  • Gain control security cover protects amp from misadjustment
  • Variable-speed fan cooling and back-to-front air flow
  • Neutrik Speakon® and safety-shrouded barrier strip output connectors
  • LED indicators for metering, status, and operating mode (a QSC cinema exclusive!)
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