18 Jun

Regarding the growing proliferation of rare animals are almost extinct due to habitat destruction, anything what steps the government to anticipate? Is it running?
Dozens of world primate expert said that a third of world’s primates threatened with extinction, the annual forum of researchers and community primatologist primatologist International (International Primatological International Society / IPS), the end of February 2010 also made a list of 25 species and subspecies most endangered primates in the world. President improvise and (CI) Indonesia has also been researching jumlahya at the end of February 2010.

The increase in extinction was preceded by increased well-making process of forest primate species, it is most needed for the sake of experimental medicine and pharmacology in addition to consumption by a factor of many other factors that caused the extinction of endangered species such as natural conditions makn damaged by cutting wild trees, lack keadaran communities to plant trees and protect environment.
The most sharply is the Gorilla population plummeted because of poaching.
Lack of attention and protection from various circles primatologist adding the extinction problem animals.
An estimated 600 sub-species of an extinct primate world. 7000 of them are kind of tarsiers on Siau island that has not been clear. Gorilla tail 30 is the sum of them is very drastic in the world. 6000 simakobou monkeys endemic among Indonesia.

Because Indonesia has succeeded in raising the population of primates and has conducted various efforts to konserfasi and protection of rare animals. Besides the general human population threatens the lives of all kinds of wildlife.
The security forces should also be involved in this problem because almost half of the scarcity factor is poaching.
Guidance-counseling about habitat environmental improvements should be done to improve the condition of many forests due to illegal logging even more chronic. In this case Indonesia into three endemic and glare while the international world of animal Indonesia alone so blind and not aware about it. Awareness should be a real solution changes in the nation.

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