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Livestock goats (Capra hircus aegagrus) is a subspecies of the wild goats that are naturally spread in Southwest Asia (region “fertile crescent” and Turkey) and Europe. Goats are ruminant animals are medium sized. Neuter wild goats have a pair of horns, but horns on the goat greater. Generally, the goat has a beard, forehead convex, tail slightly upward, and most straight hairy and rough. Wild goat’s body length, not including the tail, is 1.3 meters – 1.4 meters, while the tail 12 inches – 15 inches. Female weight 50 kilograms – 55 kilograms, while males can reach 120 pounds. Wild goats spread from Spain to the east to India and from India to the north to Mongolia and Siberia. Preferred habitat is an area of rocky mountains.

Goats had cultivated about 8000 people up to 9000 years ago. In the wild, goats live in groups of 5 to 20 individuals. In pengembaraannnya looking for food, goat group is led by the oldest female goats while the goats herd of male role maintaining security. Time Off for lunch and evening meals. Its main food is grass and leaves.

Goats differ from sheep.
Table of contents

* 1 Breeding
* 2 Types of Goats
o 1.2 Goat nut
o 2.2 Etawa
o 3.2 Goat Jawarandu
o 4.2 Saenen Goat
* 3 Library


Breed goats give birth. Goats could give birth to two to three kittens, after bunting for 150 to 154 days. Adult sex achieved at the age of four months. Within a year, a goat can give birth to two times.
Types of Goats
Goat nut

Goat nut goat is a superior race which was first developed in Indonesia. Small body. High Withers in the male 60 inches to 65 inches, while the female 56 inches. The weight of the males can reach 25 pounds, while females weighing 20 kilograms. His ears were erect, straight and short hairy. Both females and males have two short horns.

Etawa imported from India called Jamnapari goats. Large body, a male high Withers 90 centimeters to 127 centimeters and the female only reaches 92 centimeters. The weight of the males can reach 91 kilograms, whereas females only reached 63 kilograms. His ears were long and droop down. The forehead and nose convex. Both male and female short-horned. This type of goat can produce up to three liters of milk per day. Hybrid offspring (hybrids) Etawa with local goat as the goat known as “Peranakan Etawa” or “PE”. Similarly sized goat with Etawa but more adaptive to the local environment of Indonesia.
Goat Jawarandu

Goat Jawarandu is the result of a cross between a goat with goat Etawa Beans. These goats possess similar characteristics Etawa half and half like a goat nuts. Goat milk can produce as much as 1.5 liters per hari.edo
Goats Saenen

Goat Saenen from Saenen, Switzerland. Neither the male or female goat has no horns. Fur color white or pale beige. Nose, ears and black striped colored goat. Wide forehead, while the medium size and erect ears. This is a type of goat milk-producing goats.

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