19 May

Deep Freeze
This program serves to freeze your system! as Like:

  1. When installing the program, deep freeze in the active state (restart the computer, the program will be lost).
  2. When the virus entry, deep freeze in the active state (restart the computer, the virus will disappear).
  3. When saving the document, in a state of active freeze deef (restart the computer, the document will also be removed).

Program, virus, these documents are stored on drive C: / drive in Deepfreeze, unless your company in the partition into two or three, C:, D: and E: for example, If only C : that in Deepfreeze, then D:, E: safe! in other words, the D:, E: can we save the document pake ato make our files. : D get it?If you want to ask, please,
if you want to download too please.

When installed, note the Drive-drive which will in Deepfreeze, just C:, because C: is system in it, while others just for storage alone, OK, continued after Installed also forget your password and do not give up tu forget the password, because if you forget, alternatives that fit the ‘Install Birthday’: D,

How to Open Service is Deep freeze : shift + double click di Icon.
or ctrl + Alt + Shift + F6
How to Uninstal :
1. Switch Off Deepfreeze
2. Restart
3. Instal deepfreeze again
4. Select Option Uninstal
5. Finish

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