Beautiful Body Secret Tips

11 May

Beautiful body into everybody’s dream. To achieve a beautiful body, below given are some tips for you.
1. Bath with 35 grams of powdered milk for 20 years in bathub. The nutrient content of milk good for the skin needs to be smooth and moist. Besides drinking milk is also highly recommended for smooth skin.
2. Lemongrass and crushed leaves and apply on the body that contain cellulite / strokes. Essential oils of lemongrass to reduce muscle fatigue after the move.
3. Soak in warm water solution plus 5 grams of salt to neutralize both toxins in the body. Make the body become relaxed and the skin becomes smooth. For those who suffer from high blood pressure, should consult with your doctor before doing this activity.
4. Soak the foot with a mixture of lemon juice in warm water for 3 minutes. Good to beautify your nails feet and hands. This formula also removes yellow stains on the nail caused by cigarettes or other substances.
So, hopefully useful.

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